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Jul 07, Natasha rated it it was amazing. Dead to the World is the fourth installment in the Sookie Stackhouse series. I actually read this a year or more back but re-read it last night again and realized I like it more than 4 stars. Eric is my favorite character to start with, but during this book I love the new Eric also. He seemed so venerable and lost. It was Eric from a simpler time, without all the death and pain. He was reborn and cute as hell. And I think Eric truly felt something for Sookie. What could have been!

But, then Dead to the World is the fourth installment in the Sookie Stackhouse series.

True Blood Omnibus 2: Dead to the World, Dead as a Doornail, Definitely Dead

But, then Eric wouldn't be the Eric that we've come to love. And I do like the original Eric a lot. As for the story line outside of Sookies romance life, Sookie doesn't have it easy.

Her brother goes missing, she's being hated to the point where the answer comes to death and to save Eric from losing his memory permanently, she has to go up against very powerful witches, that ends up in a battle for lives. Dead to the World was very exciting and suspenseful read. The romance was great and the plot was well put together. I really enjoyed this book.

I'm not looking forward to Dead in the Family due out in May? If you haven't read this series yet, or have only watched the show, I highly recommend you read the books. The show may be good but the books are great. You don't know what your missing! View all 6 comments. I do not believe it necessary to reiterate how much distaste I feel for Sookie Stackhouse. If you care to know my explicit feelings in this matter, I go into rather intense detail in my review here.

I will merely say I find her moronic and tedious, for purposes of this review. After reading this, the fourth book in the series, I think I have figured out what it is exactly that I c 2. I am a person who views language as an art form.

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I believe that while there are several words that may be substituted in the place of each other that there is generally one word which flows best. I believe that words have a reactive feeling within us and that although English is certainly not the most elegant of the languages a writer has a responsibility to their readers to attempt to make that language resonate in their stories.

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  • To choose words which do not smash and jar the reader in opposition to the emotions you are trying to invoke in a particular scene. Of course, like almost anything, there are exceptions to this. In my opinion, she sacrifices much in way of style and language art for substance in this series.

    And, to me, it shows. There are many choices she makes, language-wise, that simply do not jive with me. Both of these endearments are overused in this story. I have much more positive feelings about the show based on this series than I do the book series it is based on, and as a reader that upsets me. Dead to the World begins with Eric having amnesia and behaving very docile and un-Eric-like.

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    And while I adore the smart-mouthed asshole persona, I admit to having a soft spot for memory-washed Eric. He makes me wonder what Eric, the human Viking, must have been like.

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    There are several different stories happening simultaneously in this book. For a book with so much potential plot there is far too much uninteresting bullshit within these pages. Had this been trimmed down I believe it would have been more interesting, if not more artistically pleasing to me.

    That image of Eric almost killed all sploosh-factor a couple times. For one, Bill was not present. For second, at the end of the last book Bill raped Sookie. View all 46 comments. Aug 25, Erin rated it really liked it Shelves: bookriot-challenge , august-read-a-thon , august , tv-series , written-by-women.

    I still haven't watched the show True Blood but from what others have told me, the show is much more serious than the books. The books are silly, sexy, and gory but in a light hearted way. Sookie is a bit of a simpleton but she's also tough even if she doesn't know it most of the time. Dead To The World is the 4th book in the series and despite the length of time it took me to read it I just wasn't in the mood for it I enjoyed it just as much as the previous 3 books. I was happy that this book I still haven't watched the show True Blood but from what others have told me, the show is much more serious than the books.

    I was happy that this book was a mostly Bill-free zone, I think he's super boring. I know that he'll be back but it was nice to have a break from him. Also Eric is everything. Although I did kinda feel like Sookie took advantage of him. I mean the man had amnesia. It felt a little rapey. Overall I love this book and this series. I don't know if I'll ever watch the show doubtful but I will definitely continue reading this series. Nov 07, Sh3lly rated it really liked it Shelves: paranormal-chick-lit , this-book-is-everything , witches-mages-sorcery-etc , read , magic , hot-guys-alphas-rawr , read-more-than-once , 4-stars , vampires , paranormal-romance.

    First read ratings: 5 stars New re-read rating: 4 stars Well, I lowered my rating because the side stories in this just didn't interest me like they used to. Jason is missing, the shifters from Hotspot are introduced, and there is a crazy were-Witch-vamp-blood-drinking brother and sister team roaming around causing problems. Plus, my eyes glaze over every time she i It's Bloodsucker's Month with my lovely MacHalo beasties , so I'm going for a re-read of my favorite Sookie book.

    Plus, my eyes glaze over every time she is in Merlotte's with Sam. However, that first sex scene between Eric and Sookie never gets old. Still sizzles, in my view! Even though Charlaine Harris calls Sookie's boobs puppies, as in "they shivered like puppies wanting to be petted," which is pretty cheesy.

    There was also a reference to Eric "learning her topography.